Picture of Light RO Water Filter With Pump Reverse Osmosis System

Light RO Water Filter With Pump Reverse Osmosis System

Quick overview

This Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is intended where source water pressure might be a concern. More water in less time.

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Product description

* Up to 99% of contaminants removed

*Alkaline Post Filter Included

* No more buying bottled water

* Save Moneyand Environment

* RO unit comes Plug and Play Ready: RO Membrane and Filters are Preinstalled

* US made NSF certified(ANSI/NSF 58) Filmtec RO Membrane

Light RO Water Filter Reverse Osmosis System with Pump.

This Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is intended where source water pressure might be a concern. Water Quality is consistent throughout all HealthyWaterSupply models. Booster pump gives RO system ability to increase its productivity. More water in less time. It will get the job done with greatly improved productivity over Light RO, but you would have to keep record of all filter changes and check water quality periodically. It comes with 75 Gallons per day membrane and 5 Gallon Storage tank. Suitable for City or Well water source.

HWS Light RO Plus Five Stage Reverse Osmosis system begins with stage 1, a five micron Sediment filter that traps particulate matter like dirt, rust, and silt that will affect the taste and appearance of your water. Stage 2 is a five micron Carbon Block filter that provides a reduction of chlorine and other materials that cause bad taste and odors. Stage 3 is GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) filter which provides a greater reduction of chlorine and can remove up to 95% of VOCs, TOCs, chemicals and others contaminants (these are called PRE-filters because they filter in front of the reverse osmosis membrane). Stage 4 is the heart of the reverse osmosis system, the RO Membrane. This semi permeable membrane will effectively remove TDS (total dissolved solids), Sodium and a wide range of contaminants such as Percolate, Chromium, Arsenic, Copper and Lead. It will also remove cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Stage 5 is a high quality Alkaline Post Filter (this is called a Post filter because it filters after the membrane). This filter is final polishing filter used as the water is leaving the storage tank on its way up to the faucet. It returns beneficial minerals to water- Calcium and Magnesium. It also Increases water Ph to alkaline level. HealthyWaterSupply Alkaline Post Filter Contains 40% Carbon for final polishing, 40% Calcite and 20% Corosex to improve taste. The end result? Great tasting water!

Capable of making 75 Gallons of Pure water = 567 of 0.5L water Bottles a DAY!

Max. Operating Pressure: 125 psi/8.6 bar
Booster Pump: -Yes
Alkaline Post Filter Included: -Yes
Water Quality Indicator Alarm: -No
Internal Leak Detector: -No
Filter Change Indicator: -No
Automatic Membrane Flushing: -No
Designer Faucet of your choice: -Yes
Tank dimensions: -(D) 10.5in (H) 15.5in x (W) 10.5in
Minimum Inlet Pressure: -10 Psi

Healthy Water Supply Ro reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Compare Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
Benefit/ModelHWS Light ROHWS Light RO PlusHWS OsmostarHWS Sintra Counter TopOther Brands
Remineralizer Alkaline Post Filter IncludedYESYESYESYESNO
Designer Faucet of your choice comes standardYESYESYESN/ANO
Water Quality Indicator AlarmNONOYESYESNO
Internal Leak DetectorNONOYESYESNO
Filter Change IndicatorNONOYESYESNO
Extended RO membrane life: Automatic Membrane FlushingNONOYESYESNO
Rapid Flow: 3/8" delivery tubing StandardYESYESYESN/ANO
Maximum Water Production: Booster PumpNOYESYESYESMAYBE
RO unit comes Plug and Play Ready: RO Membrane is PreinstalledYESYESYESYESNO
3 Year Limited WarrantyYESYESYESYESNO

Detailed Description

RO water purification systems will reduce and eliminate TDS (total dissolved solids) like salts and minerals from our drinking water. However contrary to common beliefs, less than 1% of the organic minerals are actually found in most raw water supplies. With the increase of pollutants, our water supply contains mostly inorganic minerals. Inorganic minerals consist of iron, carbonate and lime compounds, which are not compatible with our bodies. The body’s cells reject these minerals leaving dissolved inorganic substances (acid crystals – minerals deposits) throughout the body. This accumulation of debris creates more work and trouble for the body, such as arthritis in joints, gallstones, kidney stones and mineral deposits in artery walls. Organic minerals that are considered soluble, which means the body absorbs sustenance into the cells, are found in our live foods such as fruits & vegetables. One glass of freshly squeezed orange juice would be higher in minerals than 30 gallons of untreated raw water. Purified water provides a necessary rinsing treatment for hydration purposes as our body is mostly fluid (over 80% water) and equally important to rinse impurities out of our body.

Drinking purified water both prevents inorganic minerals from entering our bodies and removes inorganic mineral deposits already there.


5 stage Reverse Osmosis System Membrane Rejection Rate remove/ reduce the following list of contaminants;

- Adrazin >98%

- Aldrin >98%

- Aluminum >98%

- Arsenic >98%

- Barium >95%

- Benzene >98%

- Bicarbonate >99%

- Cadmium >95%

- Calcium >98%

- Calcium Cloride >99%

- Chlorine >98%

- Chloride >95%

- Chlorinated Pesticides >99%

- Chloroform >98%

- Chromium VI >98%

- Copper >98%

- Copper Sulfate CuSO4 >99%

- Criptosporidium cysts >99%

- DDT >99.9%

- Dichloromethane >98%

- DOT > 98%

- E.coli bacteria >99.9%

- Endrin >98%

- Fecal bacteria >99.9%

- Fluoranthene >98%

- Fluoride >95%

- Ferro cyanide >97%

- Giardia cysts >99%

- Glucose >98%

- Herbicides >98%

- Iron >98%

- Lead >98%

- Lindane >98%

- Magnesium >98%

- Magnesium Cloride >99%

- Manganese >98%

- Mercury II >85%

- Methoxychlor >98%

- Nickel >98

- Nickel Sulphate NiSO4 >99%

- Nitrate >90%

- PCB >98%

- Pesticides >98%

- Perchlorethylene >98%

- Phenol >98%

- Potassium >95%

- Phosphate >95%

- Selenium IV >95%

- Silicate >95%

- Silica SiO2 >98%

- Silver >98%

- Salmonella typhi >99.9%

- Sodium >95%

- Sodium Chloride NaCl >99%

- Sodium Fluoride >99%

- Sodium Nitrate NaNO3 >97%

- Strontium >98%

- Sulphate >98%

- Tannic Acids >98%

- Toluane 99.9%

- Toxaphene >98%

- Trichloroethylene >98%

- Trihalomethanes >98%

- Total Dissolved Solids >95%

- Vibrio choleriae >99.8

- V.O.C.'s >98%

- Zinc >98%


Ro Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Faucets

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